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BOOKING NOW - NEW USA TOUR. PLEASE CONTACT US FOR ROUTED AVAILS. NORTH AMERICAN TOUR STARTS IN EAST ON SEPTEMBER 12, 2015 - WITH SPECIAL GUEST STAR - END OF AN ERA GROUND ROUTED DATES - ARTISTS CARRIES BACKLINE AND WELCOMES LOCAL SUPPORT. NEW ALBUM - “ANTI-NASTY LEAGUE” - JUST RELEASED APRIL 24, 2015 POP WILL EAT ITSELF (also known as PWEI or The Poppies) are an English alternative rock band formed in Stourbridge in 1986. Initially known as a Grebo act, their style changed to incorporate sample driven indie and industrial rock. The Poppies have had 17 (SEVENTEEN) Charting singles throughout the world Embraced throughout their career by MTV, TRENT REZNOR and leading DJs world wide they continue to be a revolution in music today with their brand new just released full length album. VIDEOS: DEF CON ONE WISE UP SUCKER CAN YOU DIG IT ICH BIN AUSLANDER

RE: "Wise Up Sucker": Put this up against the best of Ministry, Skinny Puppy, Nine Inch Nails, Happy Mondays, etc 80s output, and the Poppies were the best thing to come around and destroy mainstream music conceptions. This song is epic.......

- GunHed17


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